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Online guitar school specializing in acoustic guitar

Clover Guitar School

Would you like to try online lessons unique to the modern Internet society?
Taking advantage of this, you can take lessons from a professional when and where you want.
All you need is a guitar and an internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer that is convenient for you.Just one thing! !

"Clover Guitar School" is an online guitar school specializing in acoustic guitar.

・Acoustic guitar playing

・Fingerstyle guitar / solo guitar

・Classical guitar

・Solo guitar arrangement method

Suitable for all acoustic guitars.

Let's have fun improving from beginner to advanced with a teacher ♬

Don't lose to the new coronavirus!
Do what you always wanted to do at home!
guitar on the internet
Are lessons okay?
Disadvantage 1
sound delay
There will always be some delay in the sound over the internet. Therefore, in online lessons such as Zoom, the teacher cannot play the guitar with the students. ​, but I will cover it by using the metronome and sound sources.
​In the future, the spread of 5G may eliminate delays
Demerit  2
Hard to see hands! ?
A veteran teacher teaches you to see your hands and where you need them whenever you need them.
​ If you still have a request to see this place now, feel free to tell the teacher.
​ Let's take a closer look at the teacher's hand and learn the technique!
Time is precious to everyone who spends busy days. There is no need to move to the classroom while there is a risk of infection with the new coronavirus.
You can study in the comfort of your own home
We are going out for summer vacation this week. But I want to take guitar lessons, which I love...
​I live abroad... but I want to learn from a Japanese teacher!
​Even in such a case, you can take lessons wherever you are as long as you have a smartphone♬
Avoid wasting travel time
Take lessons anywhere
Merit 2
Benefit 1
I think that's what you think. From the conclusion, almost in fact
You can take the lesson in the same way as you would meet and take the lesson.
On the other hand, online learning has many advantages.
​Course introduction

Online Guitar School

real time
one-on-one lesson
Make a reservation and have a professional teacher look at you intensively at your own pace! Solve questions and problems on the spot and level up! !
​This is the most efficient lesson method using the video call app Zoom (free).
video exchange lesson
Feel free to take pictures of assignments and questions with your smartphone at your favorite time and have a professional teacher look at them!
Let's study by watching the video that the teacher replied.
You can review it many times, so you can learn it well.
​ Recommended for those who can't take lessons at a set time!
This combination is fine! !
​I have a reservation for the next lesson, but the appointed time is inconvenient... But I practiced hard, so I want my teacher to see it regularly!
One-on-one lessons and video exchange lessons can be used together. ​ You can have the teacher look at it directly this week, and then have a video exchange next week.
video exchange
In both courses, the content of the lesson will be decided after consultation with the student.
Beginner to Advancedto
  • I can't read musical notes!Try guitar for the first time!Beginners who
  • Intermediate players who have learned to play to some extent but don't know what to do next
  • in the futureI want to become a professional!Senior
  • I want to play and recite the song of my dreamsSo I want to master acoustic guitar chord accompaniment!
  • Learn classical guitar wellI want to lay the groundwork!
  • I want to learn fingerstyle guitar / solo guitar! !
  • Only one solo guitar in the worldI want to play with my own arrangement!
After careful consultation, I will guide you gently and carefully with the content of the lesson that suits each individual.
Make your dreams come true!
Online lesson fee
Benefit 1
No admission fee!
Benefit 2
The lesson fee for the first month is  50% OFF special price! !
* Applicable to those who apply for admission at the time of trial lesson
90 minutes x 1 time
(Tax excluded)
50 minutes x 2 times
(Tax excluded)
50 minutes x 3 times
(Tax excluded)
​ Recommended!
First month with 50% OFF
​From 3,400 yen
(Tax excluded)
*For those who wish to take 4 or more lessons in the same month, 1 lesson is 3,600 yen.(Tax excluded)You can take additional courses as many times as you like.
*If you wish to continue after the campaign special price ends, the regular price will be applied.
​*Video exchange lessons are charged at 50 minutes per session. Details such as timehere
 when you're not feeling well
   free make-up lesson
We will make a transfer only if you contact us by the morning of the day before the lesson reservation date. Only one transfer is allowed for each booked lesson.
It's okay to be busy!